Healthy & Delicious: Making your own jams at home


Making your own jam may sound scary but in today’s Healthy & Delicious segment with Down to Earth Organic & Natural, Madeline Kammerer shows us how easy it can be! 

“The recipe we’re doing today is a great introduction to jam making,” she says.

“The jam we’re making will only last for about a week in the fridge but I like to think of this recipe as a gateway recipe. Once you make your own jam, you’ll be hooked, says Kammerer. 

Kammerer and John Veneri make two different versions of a papaya jam: a traditional sweet version and a savory version.

For these recipes, Kammerer uses all locally grown, Non-GMO papayas. Down to Earth only sells Non-GMO papayas.

For the full recipe, go to their website at

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