Healthy & Delicious – Avocado and roasted asparagus salad


Local, seasonal ingredients are the perfect picks for a colorful and nutritious salad.

In our latest Healthy and Delicious with Down to Earth segment, Sisi Kong showed us how to make an avocado and roasted asparagus salad.

She also shared a great tip: “Cut” your asparagus by hand instead of using a knife to naturally break off the fibrous part of each asparagus stalk.

Radishes are added the asparagus, and then coverd in a mixture of basil, mint, olive oil, green onions, and sea salt. 

Here is the Healthy & Delicious Recipe for Avocado and Roasted Asparagus Salad with Lemon Garlic Dressing.

1 pound asparagus
2 Tablespoons fresh basil, chopped
2 Tablespoons fresh mint, chopped
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup thinly sliced green onions
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 pound radishes, halved
2 avocados, cross-hatched

Juice of 2 lemons
1 teaspoon date sugar
3 cloves garlic, minced

1. Heat oven to 425 degrees.
2. Break off the bottom fibrous part of each asparagus stalk and trim into thirds.
3. In a large mixing bowl, combine basil and mint with ¼ cup oil, green onions, and sea salt.
4. Toss asparagus and radishes to coat and place on a lined baking sheet. Pour remaining marinade over asparagus and radishes. Spread out in a single layer.
5. Roast for 12 minutes, until asparagus is just tender. Set aside to cool.
6. Blend all dressing ingredients until smooth, about 1 minute.
7. Cross-hatch avocados and toss salad in dressing to serve.

Yield: 4 servings

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