Healthy and Delicious with Down to Earth Summer Smoothie Pops

Healthy and Delicious

Summer time can get pretty hot and one of the best ways to cool down is with a frozen treat.  

So many ice creams and popsicles are packed with sugar but Down to Earth has the answer.  

They have freezers full of fruit popsicles, ice cream, ice cream bars, and lots of vegan and low sugar options.

The Deli also makes delicious smoothies that really hit the spot on a hot day.

While these options are better for you, the best way to ensure your popsicles are healthy is to make them yourself!  

Popsicle molds are great, but we’re going to keep it simple and use some basic kitchen items.

All you’ll need is a blender, some cups, and some spoons.

We use the cups as our smoothie molds and the spoons as our popsicle sticks!

These “popsicles” are better called smoothie pops as they are made from fresh fruit. 


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