Honolulu (KHON2) – The way 2020 turned out, there’s hope for a Happy New Year, if we can “focus forward” according to Rhesa and Edwina of Hooko LLC, who gave us Straight Talk.

“Let’s face it, the year 2020 was difficult for many reasons,” explains President/Co-Founder Rhesa Kaulia. “For a lot of people, they wondered if 2020 would ever end, and if so, how they would make it out alive (so to speak).  As difficult as the year was, we did survive it (however barely) and learned a lot of things along the way.”

Some of us reassessed or readjusted our values, our priorities, and what or whom we do or don’t want in our lives.  Focusing forward means that we take things from the past and learn from or apply it to the future. 

Rhesa adds, “It’s important to identify these things having clarity about this will help us to embrace the new year and the changes that come with it, and ultimately, will move us out of staying stuck in the past.”

Vice-President/Co-Founder Edwina Reyes adds, “People who are focused forward see the bigger picture.  They take responsibility for the life that they endeavor to have and have goals and visions for it.  These people persevere no matter what crops up and maintain balance in their lives.  They refuse to stay stuck in the past or be victim to their past.”

Many people get stuck because they choose to live in the past instead of living in the here and now and looking to the future.  Additionally, people may want to focus forward but simply don’t know how to do this or become overwhelmed when attempting to do so.  Some folks may feel alone in this resolve, because others in their family are uninterested in this way of thinking or living.  Still others may be too embarrassed to ask for help. Contact a professional to explore the idea of focusing forward and the importance of it. Hooko Counseling Center provides services for these types of situations.  Often people don’t realize that counseling services are covered by most major health insurances.  If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact 808-375-7712 or visit http://hookollc.com/