Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare Spring Special


Honolulu (KHON2) – Pour Moi Skincare has pioneered “Climate-smart skincare” that is based on environmental conditions rather than skin tone.

The brand formulates anti-aging products specifically to work for the climate you’re in, such as “hot and humid” or “cold and dry.”

Pour Moi Skincare is the first and only PATENTED Climate-Smart Skincare in the world and was recently named one of Time Magazine’s Best 100 Inventions.

Founder/CEO Ulli Haslacher explained how her products were inspired by observations as a child of her dad’s work as an outdoor powder coating painter. Intuitively, at a young age she noticed how Climate affected the surface of what he painted. 

Pour Moi has created 6 different Climate-Smart moisturizing day creams, to match anywhere you live or anywhere you are going.

Ulli recommends the 3 Step Rotating System for Hawaii and she’s offering a special for Hawaii orders.

Special Product Offerings: Spring Special

Product #1: 3-Step Rotating System: Hawaii + Night Cream

Special Pricing:  $89

Retail Value: $189

Website: https://www.pourmoiskincare.com/hawaii/

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