Local Fitness Trainer, Chris Faildo Teaches Back Workouts to Do At Home


Honolulu (KHON2) – Local fitness trainer, Chris Faildo is helping Mikey get ready for his upcoming fitness competition, by targeting one of his weak muscle groups. 

As he gets ready for his fourth fitness competition, Mikey is getting the help from his fitness trainer to target a muscle group he needs the most help with, his back.
“The back muscle can be the most overlooked body part, it’s what gives the competitor the “X” look. We want to be able to have a wide back, as it will act as the top width for a competitor. Having strong and wide legs will act as the bottom of the “X,” says Chris Faildo, Fitness Trainer and co-owner of Flexx Fitness Hawaii. 

For those wanting to work on gaining their back muscles, Faildo believes there are two main muscle groups people should focus on. 
Faildo says, “The bent over barbell row covers the lower part of the back. It will help slim the waist down and hit the upper region of the lower back. It almost has a “Christmas tree” effect to it. Pull downs will help you give the width of your back, and make your “X” more prominent.”

Those who are limited to, or do not have access to certain fitness equipment, Faildo has created some easy at home workouts. 

“They would need a partner for this workout. Each person will have a towel, and they each would tug on the ends of the towel. Stick out your chest, and pull the towel towards you. This will act as a barbell row,” says Faildo. 

If you have any questions, or inquiries for Chris and his team, are encouraged to log online to the official website  of Flexx Fitness Hawaii.




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