When families face devastating medical conditions that affect quality of life, Islands Hospice is there to help.  And we wanted to recognize the fine work that they are doing with a special airing on KHON2.  On today’s Living808, we get a preview of that special by speaking to a nurse that has seen every phase of work that goes into helping a patient and their family.

And on Saturday night, KHON 2 and Islands Hospice present “Healing Through Remembrance,” a virtual celebration for those we’ve loved and lost this past year. For over a decade the Islands Hospice team of nurses, aids, social workers and chaplains have walked with and cared for over 10,000 patients and their families during their final chapter of life.

Hear from staff and ohana who will offer up their unique perspectives on the complexities of grief, coping strategies, and healing. Join us for “Healing Through Remembrance” Saturday May 29, at 7 PM on KHON 2.