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Honolulu (KHON2)- The topic of today’s Inside Out segment, we dive into being overwhelmed.  Tahiti Huetter of Aloha Friday Agency helps us deal with this specifically.

“The first thing to do is to assess, basically you need to step away from the center in order to see more of the moving parts. When we are overwhelmed we tend to really close in on what’s overwhelming us the most, but usually, there are a lot of tiny little pressure points in other areas of our life that need to be looked at.  A problem at work might feel like it’s just related to business, but maybe there is a stressor somewhere else at home or with your relationships that is basically illuminating this particular problem.”

And if someone wanted to get a better perspective?

“Stop. Drop & Roll. Just like we were taught as kids during a fire drill.  STOP. You’re overwhelmed, you’re stressed, you’ve got too much going on. STOP what you are doing and take a moment. Breathe, meditate, drink water, have a snack, phone a friend, put your phone down, walk your pet, move your body, just doing something ELSE for a moment. 5 minutes,  5o minutes doesn’t matter. You get to decided. This is essential.  DROP. Drop everything that is a non-priority that you are adding on to your imaginary or real-life to-do list. Drop any expectation of yourself or what others have put on you and figure out what you need to prioritize first.  ROLL. There will always be things in life we just don’t have total control over, so try seeing what items you can loosen your grip on. Roll with life, it’s not always easy.”

Tahiti also has great advice for the easiest way to relax and get back on track.

“I love this analogy that life is like juggling a bunch of pins, some are glass and some plastic.  Figure out which areas in your life need immediate attention and then which areas might sustain a little less care.  There is no right way to prioritize, it’s truly different for everyone, but at the core of it is prioritizing yourself.  So when you start to feel overwhelmed, STOP, DROP & ROLL. And then assess the damage and the fires that need to be put out. You can’t save the burning building if you yourself is on fire! So utilizing these tools can be really helpful when we are in these situations. Oh, and another thing, you’re never alone in all of this. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!”

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