Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Stays Open


Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience is one of Hawaii’s leading provider of neuroscience care and a global leader in research and advancing innovations in neuroscience.  We spoke with the husband and wife founders Dr. Kore and Michelle Liow about how they’ve been affected.

“I believe that just like everyone else it was initially a shocker that we were being thrust into a different kind of standard for living. We needed to figure out how we would continue to care for our patients. Because of COVID-19, our patients were not coming in for their continued care; so we had to figure out how we could bring care to them and in a timely and safe manner.  Neurology is not the kind of medicine that can be put on hold for a couple of months and then jump back into – there is a maintenance regime that needs to be followed up on.”

They were able to keep their doors open not just for the patients but for their employees as well.

“Initially there was a drop in patient visits but we were able to quickly rebound after a few weeks.  We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic team here at HPN.  Within 3 days of the Governor’s initial stay at home order, we were able to get our tele-health up and running for our patients.  Our staff filled in for the new needs of the clinic and successfully created a dedicated tele-health department to assist our patients with this new method of patient care. I believe that it is because of the Lord’s covering over HPN and by implementing the 3 R’s (Repurpose, Reach out, and Realign) that we were able to keep our doors open and all of our staff employed. We truly have the best employees.”

“I was floored when I heard that over 80% of our employees donated their time and continued working to keep the clinic running so that we could continue to provide care to our patients in need.  Though we are not at 100% yet but getting there!  Here at HPN our number one core value is that we are here to care for people. We had the opportunity to partner with local organizations whom were already working on delivering food and care.”

“We partnered with First Assembly of God who was able to deliver 1200 gift bags full of necessities and a 5 lb piece of meat.  All of the items were donated or purchased as a result of generous donations from the community.  We wanted to be a part of the giving effort. We believe that when we can serve others, our needs are met in other ways – a principle we firmly stand on.  We can be a conduit of blessings because we have been entrusted with resources for this very purpose.”

For more information call 808-261-4476 to schedule your in office or by-telephone health appointment.

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