Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience 6 Pillars of Health


Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience is sharing about 6 pillars of health to help prevent and treat chronic illnesses with upcoming “lunch and learns” and symposiums.

The Six pillars are physical activity, nutrition, stress management/emotional wellness, adequate sleep, social connectedness and avoidance of risky substance abuse as well as smoking cessation.

It starts with a self-assessment to help identify goals, willingness, and ability to change then a  treatment plan is created based on their goals.

Resources for lifestyle medicine include The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health Center, The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine.  

Events called “lunch and learns” in March and April involve a small group interaction with specialists to learn about a specific brain health and wellness topic. 

The Brain Health and Wellness Symposium is coming up in April and October. This is a more comprehensive approach to Brain Health and Wellness and guests will be able to learn from a panel of different specialists.

To learn more about the clinic and upcoming events, call us at 808-261-4476 or visit http://hawaiineuroscience.com

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