Flexx Fitness Hawaii Trains Mikey Monis and Chest and Biceps


Honolulu (KHON2) – Flexx Fitness Hawaii helps to prepare Mikey for his upcoming fitness competitions by focusing on two major muscle groups.

Overall symmetry is the goal when it comes to bodybuilding, but for Chris Faildo, trainer at Flexx Fitness Hawaii, he feels two major muscle groups should not be overlooked, as they both play an important role when posing. 

“The pectoral is a main muscle group, the men should have wide and broad chest, because it highlights the entire body. The biceps should be nice, round and have a 3D effect as they also compliment the mens chest,” says Chris Faildo, Trainer and Owner of Flexx Fitness Hawaii. 

When working on the pectoral muscle, Faildo likes to incorporate 2 chest workouts to help build the perfect chest for bodybuilders. 

Faildo says, “There’s the flat bench dumbbell press and cable crossovers.The flat bench dumbbell press helps to create a christmas tree effect, by contracting the muscle group at the top. Cable crossovers goes well with the ‘Most Muscular’ pose as it shows off the muscle fibers when he flexes his chest as well as his biceps.”

For those that have limited access or no fitness equipment, Faildo feels that someone can still get a good workout at home, simply by elevating their legs. 

“The elevated pushup is a very simple workout, if you have a muscle roller at home, all you have to do is a simple push up with your hands on the roller. It tightens your core, plus pumps you up, something we will be doing backstage of the show,” says Faildo. 

In addition to the chest, Faildo likes to have his clients focus on their biceps, another muscle group that compliments the chest and overall symmetry of a bodybuilder. 

Faildo says, “It really is just a simple bicep curl. At the top of the curl, it’s called ‘Supernating.’ The point of supernating is to give a clear distinction between the bicep and front shoulder. It’s defining the top of the bicep.”

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