EyeSight Hawaii Offers Promising Dry Eye Treatment


Honolulu (KHON2) – EyeSight Hawaii, the State’s longest LASIK laser eye center has developed treatment for dry eye that you can use at home.

There are approximately 30 million patients who suffer from dry eye disease and many who are underdiagnosed and undertreated.

“At EyeSight Hawaii we have established a center to help these patients who suffered daily from red, burning eyes, fluctuating vision and even tearing,” says Dr. John Olkowski. “We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to help assist in the diagnosis of dry eyes. But more importantly we have treatment options that are actually going to provide relief for these patients who are miserable day in and day out.”

“The newest and most exciting treatment is NuLids,” adds Olkowski. “This is an at-home Device that patients use daily for only one minute. In a large multi-center clinical trial NuLids was shown to improve dry eye symptoms by over 50% within 30 days and improved oil gland production by 80% in 30 days.”

EyeSight Hawaii offers specialized training Corneal surgery, like corneal transplants, LASIK, and the latest cataract surgery and treatments for dry eye.

Dr. Olkoswki has been practicing in Hawaii for over 30 years and started EyeSight Hawaii over 20 years ago so he could provide the latest technology in LASIK, cataracts, dry eye and cornea surgery.

Dr. Kristin Hirabayashi is also a Fellowship-trained cornea surgeon, like Dr Olkowski, who specializes in cornea, LASIK and cataract surgery.  She recently finished her training at Stanford. She says, “The technology and surgeries are every bit as good as Stanford, of course with the addition of the ALOHA spirit.”

Recently, EyeSight Hawaii expanded with EyeSight Hawaii-Maui where 2 Maui-based Ophthalmologist, Dr Catherine Makin and Dr Briana Gapsis, a glaucoma specialist, are providing the same great care to the people of Maui.

Dr. Olkowski says that LASIK services use the same technology used on our TOP GUN pilots. 

He even performed his Dad’s surgery on his 75th birthday and remembers him saying “That was a piece of cake, everyone should do that.” 

EyeSight Hawaii would love to help everyone see 2020 in 2020.


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