Did you know that ER visits significantly increase during the summer months? As summer is approaching, it’s a great reminder to make sure you have health coverage. Martha Khlopin of Get2Insurance joined us with details on how to easily enroll. 

Martha shared, “ER Visits exceed 11 million visits per year, and many are related to injuries from falls in all age categories. Some medical professionals call it Trauma Season. So, it is important to maintain good health coverage to avoid high, unexpected medical bills. The government offers plans for people who have no access to health insurance or affordable coverage. You can access their website at healthcare.gov or just call Get2insurance to learn more based on your specific situation.” 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, summertime nearly doubles the number of youth accidents. Largely because keiki are out of school with less supervision, and adults are most likely to take vacations, and spend more time with outdoor activities.  

Some common ER Visits are the result of: 

–         burns while barbequing/grilling 

–         falls from people on ladders painting or fixing things 

–         skateboarders 

–         tourists injured diving at beaches 

–         texting while walking 

–         children’s summer sports activities 

–         Jogging/fast walking 

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) almost 16 million people nationally and over 21,000 in Hawaii are enrolled in healthcare.gov plans and enjoying a generous federal subsidy to lower the cost of their health coverage. 

For more information, visit get2insurance.com or call Martha Khlopin directly at 808-230-3379.