With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s important to remember that the holidays can also be a time of reflection and helping those in need.  

One organization that’s really taken that spirit of giving to heart is HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union.

“HawaiiUSA’s ‘Pay it Forward’ program is a tradition that started during the recession that allows our employees to share a modest financial uplift with someone else,” says Jon Hanai, Marketing Content Publisher at HawaiiUSA FCU.  

He adds, “It’s just one way we’re able to love and bless those who really need it. And it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a member or not. Wherever there’s a need and a calling to do good will, our ‘Pay it Forward’ program empowers us to take action to be proactive in making a difference in someone else’s life because sometimes it’s those small moments, small gestures that can really make such a lasting mark.”

HawaiiUSA also partners with many charitable and non-profit organizations throughout the year.  

“At HawaiiUSA, we love to support the Hawaii communities and serve our members and their families. That’s why our staff and management team commit to spending our time, effort, and resources in the community to create strong, valued relationships,” says Hanai. 

He adds, “We’re even given two paid hours every month to go out and do volunteer work. For me personally, this gives me the chance to go and volunteer for causes important to me such as River of Life Mission.”

For those interested in learning more about HawaiiUSA and possible career opportunities, go to https://hawaiiusafcu.com.