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Family owned and locally operated, La Tour Café joins us at ChefZone for another edition of Hawaii’s Kitchen.  

Corporate Chef Christopher Gee and COO Travis Inouye show us how to make their award winning sandwiches, the Phoggie and the Falafel Banh Mi, a meatless alternative.

Conceived over a few beers, the Phoggie has been a favorite. 

Phoggie (1 sandwich)

5oz.                        Wagyu Beef, Thinly Sliced

8oz.                        Au Jus; Heated

2 sprigs cilantro

3 leaves               Thai basil

6ea.                       thin slices of jalapeño

1oz.                        sweet onion; thinly sliced

2ea.                       red leaf lettuce

3oz.                        pho mayo

1ea.                       baguette; 10in toasted


–                              in a pot heat up the au jus to medium heat to just below a simmer

–                              toast the baguette to desired dones and lay the lettuce in the sandwich

–                              spread the pho mayo over the lettuce

–                              take the 5oz. Of beef and dunk it into the warm au jus for about  45 seconds.

                                you want it to be about medium in dones

–                              shake off the excess au jus and lay on top of lettuce

–                              proceed to evenly spread out the rest of the ingredients

–                              cut in half and serve      

The Falafel Banh Mi was the meatless option but they are using just veggies.

Falafel Banh Mi (one sandwich)

3 sprigs            cilantro

4ea.                              julienned cucumber sticks

2oz.                             pickled daikon and carrots

4.5oz.                          falafel; rolled into 1.5oz balls (can sub store bought falafel)

1.0oz.                          hummus

1.0oz.                          our firecracker sauce ( may sub store bought sweet chile sauce)

1ea.                              organic baguette; toasted

–                              in a pot start to heat 1 qt of cooking oil to 350F. Can use a candy thermometer to gauge heat

–                              once the oil is at 350F drop in the falafel and proceed to cook for 4min.

–                              at 4min. Using tongs pull out the falafel and lay on some paper towels to drain

–                              toast the baguette to desired doneness

–                              spread the hummus and firecracker sauce evenly over the lettuce

–                              at this point, take the falafel balls and place in baguette

–                              lay the rest of the ingredients on top of the falafel  evenly

–                              cut in half and serve      

Visit one of La Tour Café’s five locations or online at https://latourcafe.com.

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