Hawaii’s Kitchen visits three restaurants at Kapolei Commons with the first stop at Crumbl Cookies. Jordyn Hudson, General Manager gives Living808’s Kelly Simek the specialty flavors of the week for St. Patrick’s Day. Not only does Crumbl have delicious cookies but they also give back to the community.

“We love to organize fundraisers that benefit schools, military, non-profit organizations and other community based outlets. The community has been so welcoming to us and we want to give back as best we can. We also donate our end of day cookies to different worthy organizations. We try to share the love with our cookies as often as possible!”

For more information visit crumblcookies.com

The next stop for the day is a place we all know and love Genki Sushi. Delivering fresh and tasty sushi while innovating the dining experience for their customers, Genki rolls out a new mobile ordering system. The next time you dine-in the restaurant you’ll be greeted by your server who will present to you a QR code. You’ll scan the code using your smart phone and the menu will appear on your screen. From that menu you can send your order to the kitchen and your food will come to you via the bullet train.

Visit genkisushiusa.com to find a restaurant near you.

The final stop for Hawaii’s Kitchen was La Tour Café and corporate execute chef and partner, Christopher Gee joins Kelly with some ono grinds.

“Restaurants play an enormous role in the community’s overall diet. So for us to offer healthier options was never a question. We are even blue zone hawaii certified which means we were recognized as a company committed to the overall health and welfare of the community.”

Visit www.latourcafe.com for more information