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In today’s Hawaii’s Kitchen, we’re featuring Doraku, an Izakaya-style restaurant in Kakaako.  An Izakaya serves food meant to be shared among friends. Their menu is a mix of popular items like sushi and more inventive fusion dishes. Since no meal would be complete without sake, Doraku has one of the most extensive selections of sake in the United States. Each year they travel to Japan to hand- select new varieties of artisanal sake (known in Japanese as Jizake) from local microbreweries. Executive Chef Jake Okumura shows us how to make Pan-Seared Salmon with Grilled Ali’i Mushrooms & Lemon Butter Ponzu.

Website: http://dorakusushi.com/


Pan-Seared Salmon with Grilled Ali’i Mushrooms & Lemon Butter Ponzu.

  1. Herb Butter – Use softened butter and kneed chopped parsley and garlic. Let set in refrigerator of one hour.
  1. Butter Lemon Ponzu – Use a pan, add soy, (herb) butter, sugar, shichimi (chili powder), lemon juice, and thicken with cornstarch after 30 sec. to a minute of simmering. Drizzle on top of salmon
  1. Seared Salmon – Heat frying pan with oil on high canola/veg. oil. Use 6-8 oz. fillet score the skin of the salmon. Lightly salt and pepper the fillet. Lay the salmon skin side down first. Cook 2-4 min. then flip and finish cooking other side.
  1. King Mushroom – Grill or fry pan season with salt, pepper, and herb butter. Slice thinly on top salmon.

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