On today’s Hawaii‘s kitchen segment, Kelly went to one of her go to sushi spots, Domo Café! Chef and Owner Shucong Wu showed us around the kitchen and just how they get the freshest fish possible.  They have a large menu, with a great variety of poke, sushi and so much more!

Shucong says, “We actually started selling new things for customers to enjoy. We sell fresh Salmon belly and other special things when I can get some nice products. We sometimes have trays of Japanese Uni, fresh local Amaebi and fresh bottom fish that people love. We often do custom sushi orders for our customers. People have allergies or like some things better than others. We can make anything for you, and just change the price depending on what you want.”

Domo Cafe has two locations in Chinatown and Kahala.

Visit domocafehawaii.com and their Instagram at @domocafehawaii for more info!