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The Beachhouse at the Moana has a new summer menu that features farm fresh flavors unique to the islands. Chef de Cuisine, David Lukela, is teaching us how to make two delicious dishes – Makana salad and Ahi Au Poivre.

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Makana Salad Recipe:

Maui Onion Dressing

Yield:  1 Qt

750 g                      Maui Onion, sliced in half then grilled

100 g                      Red Wine Vinegar

30 g                        Salt

5 g                          Blackpepper, fine ground

375 g                      EVOO

12.5 g                    Dijon Mustard

42.5 g                    Honey


Combine everything in blender and blend till smooth uniform consistency about 5 minutes.  Label and store for future use.

Mise en place

  1. 2.5 oz – Butter lettuce, chopped
  2. .5 oz – Cucumber, medium dice
  3. 1 oz – Corn, sautéed
  4. .5 oz – Radish, 1/8” sliced then quartered
  5. .5 oz – Long bean, .5” lengths
  6. .8 oz – Pipikaula, small dice
  7. 1 oz – Heart of palm, medium dice
  8. 1 oz – Baby heirloom tomato, halved
  9. 2 T – Maui onion dressing

Garnish: Ti leaf, orchid


  1. Place butter lettuce, cucumber, corn, radish, long bean, pipikaula, heart of palm, baby heirloom tomato in a bowl.  Dress salad and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Place ti leaf in middle of bowl and plate salad on ti leaf in the middle of the bowl forming a nice stack.
  3. Garnish

Ahi Au Poivre Recipe

Cooking activity: Searing an ahi steak, flambe brandy to make au poivre sauce, sautee ratatouille then plate dish.


Mise en place

  1. 1 ea – Ahi steak, 6 oz
  2. TT – Black pepper
  3. 1 T – Brandy
  4. 2 oz – Bordelaise
  5. 1 T – Heavy cream
  6. .5 t – Butter
  7. .5 c – Parmesan mashed potatoes
  8. 1 ea – Cippolini
  9. 2 ea – Tomatoes
  10. 3 ea – Aspragus
  11. 2 T – Yellow squash/Zucchini, large dice
  12. 1 T – Ratatouille oil

Garnish:  Italian parsley plushes


  1. Season ahi steak with salt and crust with cracked pepper on both sides.
  2. In a hot pan, add a little bit of oil and sear ahi to temperature on both sides, remove from pan.
  3. Deglaze with brandy, add bordelaise and heavy cream then mount with butter. Season if needed
  4. Place vegetables in a pan and coated with ratatouille oil.  Place in broiler till good color develops
  5. To place smear, potates in center of plate and arrange other elements like picture above.

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