In today’s Hawaii’s kitchen, Kelly went on the road to check out some of the new spots at Stix Asia in Waikiki. Honolulu Noodle & Co. introduces authentic Taiwanese ramen cuisine to Waikiki, and the Shanghai Bar takes you back in time with a great ambience and drink menu. Owner Dr. Alan Wu joined us with all of the details, along with the chef of Honolulu Noodle & Co, Vincent Chang.

Dr. Wu shared about the great dishes being offered up, “Honolulu Noodle & Co. features a 48-hour braised bone broth, our signature beef noodles, comes with your choice of thin or wide noodles, tender beer, beef tendon and beef tripe. We also offer non-beef dishes like dry sesame noodles, potstickers, fried rice, a NEO loco moco, minced meat with special sauce and a sunny-side-up egg on a warm bed of rice, and our signature volcano boiled (secret ingredient) egg.”

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