Hawaii’s Kitchen on the Road: Pearl Highlands Center


Pearl Highlands Center has been serving the community for nearly 30 years.  And with nearly 15 restaurants on it’s three levels, we had to try a few of the eateries out for ourselves.

First Stop was Uproll Café, who has been at Pearl Highlands for three years in the food court.  Up Roll Café’s Healthy Roll is called the “Sushi Burrito“ and it’s also available in Bowls that are made of Fresh Veggies and your choice of protein.  There are 7 Best seller menu which are AHI Lover Avocado, Sexy Salmon, California Crab, Spicy Shrimp, Inari TOFU, Teriyaki Chicken and Aioli Chicken. The most popular menu item is the Ahi Lover Avocado. And for those plant based diets, the Inari Tofu is 100% Vegan. It goes well with Vegan Onion dressing. Which is one of the 9 house made dressings.  Visit www.uprollcafe.com           

The second stop at Pearl Highlands is Pampanga Kitchen.  Started in 2015 in Waipahu. Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines.  Mikey gets to try out some of their favorite dishes.

And the third stop, The Pizza Press.  The Pizza Press name was inspired by the 1920’s American newspaper era when newspapers were the foundation of the local community.  Signature Pizzas are named after American Newspapers back in the day Like the Times, Herald, the Chronicle, and the Tribune.  They have Chicken Wings, Salad, Calzones and we also have 24 Craft Beers on Tap. 

There are also themed events at the Pissa Press,  Trivia Thursday and Live music Thursday, and $20 buckets of beers all day every day.   Visit www.thepizzapress.com for specials.

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