Hawaii’s Kitchen: Alan Wong makes a surprise dish with three kinds of fish


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In today’s Hawaii’s Kitchen, chef and restaurateur Alan Wong makes a surprise dish, using Hamura saimin noodles and three types of fish.

Chef Wong also had a few cooking tips for Trini.

The first tip involved a candy bar and Coke. Chef Wong had Trini drink a sip of Coke and rate its sweetness, then eat some of the candy bar and do the same.

Chef Wong then had Trini taste the Coke again and asked if it tasted different, almost like a Diet Coke.

It did!

Chef Wong explained that tastes change depending on what you ate or drank before. So because the candy is sweeter than the Coke, the drink didn’t taste as sweet.

This is the same for things like wine. The wine you drink with a great steak dinner may not taste the same when you drink it alone at home.

Next lesson is what Chef Wong says is the hardest thing to teach someone, how to tell the doneness of something using your finger.

Check Wong shows how different positions on your hands have a similar feel to how done a piece of food is that you are cooking. So by comparing how your hand feels to how the fish feels, you can tell when it’s done cooking.

In the final segment, Chef Wong assembles the final product, the Hamura saimin dish with three types of fishes.

His next tip is how to tell if the saimin is done. Chef Wong just asked Trini to pull out a noodle and taste it!

Chef Wong then had Trini shake off the water from the noodles and added spinach, kalua pig, truffle butter from Waianae, alii mushrooms, and green onions.

Then he added the three fillets of fish.

Trini then tasted each fish and chose which one she liked best. She picked the second and third.

Chef Wong then explained that the three, in order, were a mahimahi, opakapaka, and farm raised tilapia. All of them from Hawaii.

The point? Chef Wong says when looking as sustainable farming in Hawaii, it’s important to try the different products our farmers are growing. Chef Wong explains that tilapia is a great tasting and hearty fish.

Chef Wong has three restaurants, Ala Wong’s on King Street and in Shanghai, and the Pineapple Room in Ala Moana.Website: http://www.alanwongs.com/

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