Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union


On September 1, 2018 Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union officially changed its name to Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union.

There have been a few name changes over our 82 years and each time it was to reflect our mission and membership.

In fact, Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union first started as Mutelco Oahu Employees Federal Credit Union in 1936.

As a community credit union and the recipient of numerous merging credit unions they chose a name that would better reflect who they serve.  

It is a community credit union and anyone in the community can open accounts and do business with the credit union.

Being a financial institution in todays market is tough.

There are tight margins, strict regulatory burdens and constant demands from consumers and regulators.

These constrictions make running a business difficult – hence credit unions have reached out to Hawaiian Financial to merge.

A few that have joined are Hawaiian Airlines FCU, Times FCU, Sheraton FCU, Central Oahu FCU and numerous others.

Hawaiian financial FCU is a full service credit union that offers savings to mortgages and they have no intention on scaling back services.

They are always looking to offer new services and products.

Currently they are offering 2 certificate specials. 2.50% for 23 months and 2.00% for 15 months.  

For more information on Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union, visit https://www.hificu.com.

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