Hawaiian Electric Company Works With State to Boost Car Charging Options and Infrastructure


Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaiian Electric Company is increasing the demand for EV stations around the state, with the help of the state and their user-friendly website. 

In honor of National Drive Electric week, Hawaiian Electric Company is bringing the celebration to Hawaii with their new EV charging stations. 

“Hawaiian Electric has been primarily focused on strategic planning, infrastructure development and public charging,” says Aki Marceau, Director, Electrification of Transportation. 

In addition to bringing awareness to sustainable driving, Hawaiian Electric Company created a web tool that encourages Hawaii residents to help with their efforts in bringing electric driving to the state. 

Marceau says, “This web tool is awesome. It’s called ‘Charge Up Hawaii,’ and anyone can go in, log on and drop a pin on where they want to see more charging. With the knowledge from the public, that will help us with our plans to help the state.”

According to Marceau, Hawaii has over 1% of electric drivers on the road, and with the help of the Hawaiian community, marceau feels Hawaii can become an example for electric driving around the country, 

“Hawaii is ranked 2nd in the state when it comes to electric car ownerships, and that’s really exciting to see. This really is a statewide effort, so any feedback from the community is greatly appreciated,” says Marceau. 

In addition to the public’s help, Marceau feels it is great to see the support from the state.

Marceau says, “It’s nice to see that there is progressoive policies in the state, as well as see the state really invest in electric busses.”

Those looking to learn more information about electric vehicles, are encouraged to visit the respected websites. 





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