Hawaii Surrogacy Center Helps Local Couples Fulfill Dream of Having a Baby


Honolulu (KHON2) – The Hawaii Surrogacy Center is giving couples a chance to raise a family with the help of surrogates.

Director Andrea McAfee and surrogate Prizzilla Greer appeared on Living808 to share their stories.

Gestational surrogacy is one way that an individual or couple can have a baby.

“Intended parents work with a gestational carrier who becomes pregnant using embryos created by the Intended Parents,” explains McAfee. “The Surrogate has no genetic relationship to the baby. She is simply the oven for a very precious bun!”

McAfee started Hawaii Surrogacy over ten years ago because there were not surrogacy services here on the island. 

“People were having to go to the mainland – which was expensive and really impersonal,” adds McAffee. “So I started Hawaii Surrogacy as an option for local families so they could experience a surrogacy journey here. They could attend appointments and be involved, and surrogates could have a close relationship with the families that they are helping.  We have grown tremendously over the years and there’s a high demand for surrogates in the state of Hawaii.” 

Prizzilla is a mother of two and opted to be a surrogate for a family for her first time.

“When I was growing up and as I entered adulthood, I witnessed many friends who struggled with infertility,” Prizzilla says. “I felt guilty knowing I could conceive so easily, but I felt like 2 kids was enough for me.  It’s been my goal to find a way to help others start a family. The best part about being a surrogate for me is being able to help another couple start their family, and seeing my body respond so well to surrogacy because I know it’s not something everyone can do.”

Hawaii Surrogacy Center is looking for healthy, caring women. 

You should be between the ages of 21 and 38 with a history of healthy pregnancies.  You should enjoy being pregnant and be motivated to help others. 

As a surrogate you are compensated.  Most surrogates in our program receive $40,000 or more in compensation, but your primary motivation should be because you want to help someone else.

Website: www.hawaiisurrogacy.com/surrogates

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