Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii individuals have saved thousands by enrolling in federally subsidized health insurance plans catering to newborns, newlyweds, early retirees and more. 

According to Get2Insurance ongoing workplace changes for those without health insurance qualify a person for plans put forth by the federal government.

“Even though annual open enrollment is in the Fall, we have been quite busy helping those who qualify for Special Enrollment Periods. I have some success stories to share today based on people enrolled in just the last month,” says Martha Khlopin, Syndicated Public Affairs Radio Show Host.

According to Khlopin, most Hawaii residents never had to apply for health insurance or choose multiple plans before the pandemic.

Khlopin says, “In Hawaii health insurance is a benefit through a job or family member. For those that are comfortable researching online there is information on the government website healthcare.gov. I have team members that have been designated as “local help” and we can assist people by answering questions and completing the enrollment process with them.”

Get2Insurance states since January of this year, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that 14.5 million people enrolled in the marketplace plans.

“I recently spoke to someone who’s son had aged out of their Employer plan. To maintain coverage for the son who was still in school the parents were paying over $600 per month.  He told his son to call us but he never did. Finally the parent called with the son and after learning that he would be able to keep the same plan for $3.33 per month the son said sorry I didn’t know how much you were paying, the parents said you can afford to pay your own insurance now at $3.33 per month, the son said no, I think we should keep everything as is. Happy you can save now, I need a new car,” says Khlopin.

To learn more about Get2Insurance and its available Healthcare Plans, Hawaii residents can inquire via its official website.