Hawaii Natural Medicine Offers IV Nutritional Therapy for Wellness


Honolulu (KHON2) – IV Nutritional therapy is no longer just a secret of the stars, it’s catching on with locals who see the benefits of getting a “cocktail of vitamins and minerals” at Hawaii Natural Medicine.

Dr. Stephen Benchouk welcomed Living808 to see how it works, saying “IV Vitamin Therapy is an intravenous injection that delivers vitamins, minerals, and amino acids nutrients directly to the cells of the body. These nutrients are directly absorbed into the circulatory system, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract thereby increasing the absorptive and therapeutic capability.  It is often prescribed as part of a complete, holistic and individualized treatment plan.”

Many clients use IV therapy for colds, flu, fatigue, jetlag, hangover, and dehydration, or for pre and post exercise recovery.   

Clients fill out an intake form and based on the client’s chief concerns, and an infusion is customized for that individual.

According to Dr. Benchouk, “More complicated cases such as cancer, autoimmune conditions and chronic disease will need a more comprehensive protocol which may include diet, supplements, herbs, medication, and life style changes.” 

IV Nutritional therapy has been around for years, Dr. Myers made it popular back in the 60s treating a variety of condition with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals. Since then, adds Benchouk, there has been decades of research on the effectiveness of using specific nutrients to treat specific conditions safely and without many of the side effects associated with some conventional medications.  It has been used extensively by naturopathic doctors who are trained in application of therapeutic nutrition in both acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Benchouk is a naturopathic doctor or a primary care physician who specializes in alternative and  integrative medicine.  One of his most effective and popular treatments is IV vitamin therapy. 

Clients are looking to treat the cause of their health concerns or looking for an alternative to convention medical treatments as those treatments come with side effects or are no longer effective. HNM specializes in integrative oncology, chronic conditions like autoimmune disorders, gastro intestinal disorders, endocrine disorders,  most chronic conditions, and general wellness and prevention.

The IV treatments have gotten so popular, HNM recently launched a mobile service called IV Drip Hawaii.

Mention Living808 and throughout November, you’ll receive 15% off your introductory IV Vitamin Therapy.

Websites: www.hawaiinaturalmedicine.com

Hawaii Natural Medicine is located at 1188 Bishop Street, Suite 1605

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