Hawaii Energy: Kilowatt You Tink Energy Savings Game


In our latest edition of Hawaii: Energized, hosts Shayna & Ramsey challenge Tannya and John to see who can correctly guess how much energy is saved when upgrading from a traditional appliance or piece of electrical equipment to a new, state-of-the-art and ENERGY STAR®-certified one.

They went head to head in a fun game called “Kilowatt You Tink?”

They sized up photos of old appliances next to energy efficient ones, and made their choices for how much money could be saved by upgrading.

The questions included swapping old school fluorescent tubes to energy efficient LED tubes, unplugging a second refrigerator, switching an older model window AC and replacing it with an ENERGY STAR® model, doing an annual tune-up on central air units, and how much could be saved by installing a solar water heating system to replace an electric water heater.

Watch and learn how much money you can save.

ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances can significantly reduce your electric bill.

On average, home appliances account for 20 percent of your total energy bill, or 20 dollars out of every $100.

If you need information about how to save energy, visit the website for Hawaii Energy.

Website: https://hawaiienergy.com

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