Hawaii: Energized! Who knows the most about saving energy?

Hawaii Energized

It’s hard to imagine life without electricity, but using less energy helps you save money and help the environment. 

Hosts of Hawaii Energy’s Hawaii: Energized! webisodes, Ramsey Brown and Shayna Doi, believe that before you learn how to save money you need to know where to start. 

So, they’ve designed a game called “The Shocking Truth” to test our knowledge about various energy habits. 

Here are the questions:

1.      Over the course of a year, which of these appliances uses the most energy?
a.      Water heater
b.      Oven
c.       Clothes dryer
d.      Refrigerator

2.      True or False: Electric devices will not use electricity while in standby mode.

3.      Which type of light bulb is the most energy-efficient?
a.      Incandescent
b.      CFL
c.       LED
d.      CFL and LED are equally efficient

4.      True or False: LED stands for “light-energy diode”.

5.      How much more energy efficient is an ENERGY STAR®-certified AC unit than a standard air conditioner?
a.      5%
b.      10%
c.       15%
d.      50%

6.      Hawai‘i Energy offers rebates on: 
a.      ENERGY Star appliances
b.      LED lights
c.       Solar water heating
d.      All of the above

7.      How much can a family of 4 save annually just by switching to a high-efficiency showerhead?
a.      >$50
b.      >$100
c.       >$250
d.      >$1,000

8.      True or False: Hawai‘i Energy will pay you to get rid of that second fridge at your home.

Watch the segment to see how many answer you got correct.

You can catch Ramsey and Shayna on Living808 and their webisodes at https://www.hawaiienergy.com/energized or on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

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