Hanalani School: Royal Engineering and Design Program

Hawaii Energized

Hawaii: Energized! is excited to introduce a new program at Hanalani School where students are helping to tackle real life energy problems.

It’s called Royal Engineering and Design and in this program students are helping to tackle real life energy problems.

And, as a result, it’s lowering energy costs for the school.

What started as an Applied Engineering Class soon turned into a student lead company.

Their first big project involved developing a new energy plan for their school.

Nicole Feldner is a senior at Hanalani Schools and is part of the current project. 

“I think the big picture with the project we are currently working on that we are trying to change is to make our school LEED-Certified,” explained Feldner.

“If we are able to be a LEED-certified school on campus then it will be a lot easier. Not only will it lower the cost of school, but it will also improve student work. If the lights are better and easier for them, then they won’t fall asleep, per se or they will be able to pay attention easier.”

Hawaii Energy has been one of the main partners on this project.

They’ve assisted the students with selecting their lights and helping them with their money management. 

The proposed plan is projected to save Hanalani School $1,000 each month. 

For more information on Hanalani School’s Royal Engineering & Design Program visit https://hanalani.org.

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