This is a very busy time of year for students with college applications and schoolwork.

Hawaii Community Foundation is working to make things a little easier.  

With just one application, students can now apply for over 250 Hawaii Community Foundation scholarships.  

Rather than filling out 250 separate applications, the organization has consolidated everything to just one application – their Common Application.

Many students who apply don’t realize they are eligible for more than one type of scholarship, so this consolidated application system takes the guesswork out.

Students can begin filling out the online application at and once their application is submitted, the foundation will do the matching.

The available scholarships are for a diverse range of students of almost any major, from fashion and the arts to finance and business.

They even have scholarships for first generation college students or nontraditional students who are returning to school after recovering from drug/alcohol addiction.

The deadline for submitting an application is January 31st at 4PM Hawai‘i Time, so the foundation encourages students to get started on the application right away at