Honolulu (KHON2) – Today on Living808, Traci Morihara, HBA graduate and now a teacher and curriculum coordinator at HBA’s elementary campus, discussed the school’s commitment to shaping future leaders. With 23 years at HBA and 29 in total, Traci highlighted the enduring academic excellence, strong work ethic, and evolving curriculum adapting to workforce changes, emphasizing inquiry, innovation, and community service.

Traci underlined HBA’s dedication to core values—humility, curiosity, love, and commitment—essential for an ever-changing world. To nurture curiosity and innovation at home, she recommended creating “creativity bins” with everyday items, exploring design-based apps, and spending quality time with children, reading, exploring, and discussing stories, even for busy parents.

Families interested on discovering more about HBA are invited to the November 18th open house. This event will provide a glimpse into classrooms, interactions with teachers, and insights into HBA’s curriculum and programs. Traci also highlighted the wide variery of after-school activities available, from elementary through high school.

To schedule a tour or get more info, visit HBA.net.