There is a program on Hawaiʻi Island that is teaching people how to farm. GoFarm Hawaiʻi is a beginning farmer training program and also provides agribusiness consulting services to existing agribusinesses in Hawaiʻi.

The program is designed to train people on how to farm, and how to start, scale and maintain their farm businesses. If you already have a business in agriculture, they can help provide guidance and support with business planning and things like financial & marketing projection and analysis.  There is a particular way of farming with many things to take into account.  Hawaiʻi Island is especially different depending on what part of the island you are located.  Farm Coach Danny Randerson is there to help with those questions and has the answers.

“Hawaii Island is special in that it has every climate. So the island itself can grow any number of crops. The island has the environmental outfitting to grow whatever we need.  There are so many opportunities, but we see many farmers looking at creating value-added products, developing educational workshops and choosing crops that are exotic and unique to the marketplace, there’s also a huge opportunity for multi industry collaboration and getting us to work together to get more local food to our communities & our visitors.”

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