Our Hawaiʻi Island Week coverage continues as we visit the president of the Edith Kanakaole Foundation Kūhaʻo Zane. If the name sounds familiar it’s because he is a designer and entrepreneur with Sig Zane Designs.  He is a busy man and recently got approval for a County-sponsored stewarding program in Pohoiki based on traditional ways.  Zane is in charge of many things including the charter school which has grades K-12 and the Hula Halau, which is also part of the curriculum.  Also part of the curriculum is across the street at the Hale O Lono Fish Pond.  Family member Luka Kanakaole is the project coordinator on site and not only is in charge of maintenance of the pond but teaching the keiki the importance of what the pond means today and in ancient Hawaii. 

To learn about this and the KIPA Certification, visit EdithKanakaoleFoundation.org