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Walk Wise Hawaii’s Lance Rae came on the show to talk about Kid and pedestrian safety and some of the places that are great fun to trick or treat.

“There are still places were family’s do traditional trick-or-treating.  In East Oahu you have Onaha Street in Kahala with the famous “Candy Man” who gives out more than 3,000 pounds of candy each Halloween.  In Hawaii Kai popular spots for trick-or-treating: Koko Head Terrance near the library, and Mariner’s Cove, Spinnaker Isle, have well-lit safe sidewalks. The residents in Aina Haina, Niu Valley, Wailupe Circle go “all out.” North Shore you have Kukea Circle, Kaneohe you have the Ahuimnau neighborhood.  Milalani Mauka has been growing in recent years.  On the West Side Kapolei, Kunia are popular with plenty of smooth sidewalks.”

Other things to consider are for parents to go over with their children.

“Have your kids draw a map of their neighborhood or the neighborhood where you are going to trick-or-treat.Make sure your kids understand what a crosswalk is and draw it, what a sidewalk is, what a driveway is and draw it, have them draw a car backing out of a driveway, have them draw cars parked on the street, have them draw the stop signs, if you are in a neighborhood that has pedestrian crossing signal, have your child draw them. Then you can add things like, “You know Keoni’s house has that big tree and it’s hard to see around it.  Can you add that to your map?  Oh and Mr. Yamamoto’s house has those broken stairs at the bottom, draw that too.   Isn’t the street light broken in front of the Acosta’s house?   What about that big dog that lives on Awana Street? Once they draw all of these possible non-safe areas then you ask them to create the safest route around the neighborhood by crossing the street the least amount of time, taking into consideration lighting and traffic in the area.”

And this year a few malls will be allowing trick or treaters to walk thru.  Kapolei Shopping Center, Kapolei Market Place, Ka Makana Alii Town Center of Mililani, Windward Mall, Hawaii Kai Town Center, Koko Marina,  Ala Moana Center, International Market Place, Ward Village, Royal Hawaiian Center, Kahala Mall. From 5 to 7 p.m.

“TRUNK-OR-TREATING” is also an option as new and safe destinations for Halloween. There are these new Trunk or Treat events happening all over the island.  Like the shopping centers events, these events are a safe area to bring you kids; however, parking lots are the one place when children have a tendency to forget their good pedestrian behaviors.

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