Honolulu (KHON2) – Honolulu’s biggest Halloween festival. “Hallowbaloo” celebrates the first in-person celebration since 2019. 

The event has been held every year since except for the pandemic and has become one of the largest and most anticipated Halloween celebrations in Hawaii. This past Saturday, Hallowbaloo welcomed upwards of 10,000 costumed revelers to Chinatown. 

“Hallowbaloo has been popular for a long time, but this year, everything jumped to another level. We had one of our best programs ever and by far, the most people in attendance. So, many happy people and great costumes in Chinatown” says Mark Tarone, Founder & Co-Director of Hallowbaloo.

According to Tarone,

what really stood out this year is how thrilled everyone was just to be together.

Tarone says, “I bumped into a longtime Hallowbaloo fan at the end of the night, and he declared it the best spirit ever. It’s a shared, joyous experience – community connection that we all long for and need.”

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