Rising Kapolei R & B artist Keilana Mokelehua shared her musical inspirations and passion for fashion with Mikey Monis for our latest Haina Jam.

The 24 year old Kamehameha grad started singing at age 8, but really poured her heart into her music through song contests at Kamehameha.

Heartbreak inspires her music, along with an entertainer she admires, Beyonce.

Keilana co-writes songs with Producer Evan Khay including her first single called “Need” which she was working on at Blue Planet Studio, when our cameras were rolling.

Her first single called “Cotton Candy Feelings” is streaming on all local platforms.

Keilana invited Mikey to follow her into the studio and to go shopping at one of her favorite stores, Mori at South Shore Market Place.

HA’INA JAM is a special 3-part feature that airs inside KHON’s morning lifestyle show Living808 that features new, undiscovered musical artists and goes behind the music.

Website: https://www.keilanamusic.com/