Good Clean Food Hawaii is making eating healthy, balanced meals as easy as ordering what you want to eat for the week online.

The pre-made healthy meals come in an assortment of options from the most popular Paleo menu, to Clean + Lean, to Keto, and the newest addition that was announced live on Living808: Vegetarian.

The menu changes weekly and breakfast runs around $9-$10 while dinners go for $13-$14.

You simply order a minimum of two dishes, select from delivery locations such as CrossFit boxes, gyms, and businesses like HMSA, and enjoy the time you gain from not having to cook your own nutritious meals.

You can also order juices for cleanses.

Each meal comes with easy-to-follow nutritional info on each meal, or a macro breakdown, high-quality ingredients sourced locally, no Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, or Soy ever and an easy and convenient way to eat healthy with no planning, prepping, and cooking. 

Living808 viewers a special deal through the end of the month, 10% off a first order through March 31, 2019. 

Promo Code: Living808