The King’s Runner 10k is a new event organized by the Honolulu Marathon.

It will take place for the first time on March 4 at Thomas Square.

This race serves as a warm-up for the Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half Marathon, which helps runners train for the Honolulu Marathon.

Lanikai Juice partners with the Honolulu Marathon to offer free run clubs.

Director Mariane Uehara and head coach Tim Marr explain the benefits of the King’s Runner 10k.

“It’s really exciting to have this distance added to the Hawaii race calendar,” Marr said. “Thomas Square, which is a really unique start right in the heart of Honolulu, we’re going to head down from Thomas Square toward the ocean, do a little lap around Kakaako park, then head over to Ala Moana park, come back. … What’s real good about that is you’re able to see your competitors, your friends, and you’re able to give that good energy to each other to keep everyone’s spirits up.”

“It’s a really good race for people who have little experience in racing, but they would love to participate in one,” Uehara added. “This race is pretty much flat, and actually, afterward, we’ll have a really fun festival area with music and food at Thomas Square after the race.”