Go the Distance: How to hydrate and fuel your body the right way

Go the Distance

With the Hapalua Half Marathon just 10 days away, it’s important to stay hydrated and fuel up. 

We ask the professionals from Lanikai Juice Honolulu Marathon Run Club what they recommend to drink and eat to fuel your body for competition.

Water is important for everyday hydration, but when it comes to training, or racing endurance events, you’ll want an electrolyte drink, like coconut water. Avoid drinks with artificial flavors, artificial colors, and high fructose corn syrup.

There are also powders or tablets that you can put into regular water to create your own electrolyte drink.

If you don’t properly hydrate, you could encounter serious consequences. Dehydration can lead to an elevated heart rate, and cramping due to increased lactic acid.

Throw water on yourself to keep your core temperature cooler for optimal performance.

After your run, refuel with an acai bowl, and include a scoop of peanut butter for added protein.

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