Giving Hope Hawaii is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to providing food and support to the needy on Oahu’s Windward Side from Waimanalo to Kahuku.

Located on Kahuhipa Street in Kaneohe it serves as the hub from which food is distributed and delivered to the Windward Side’s growing number of hungry people with an emphasis on disabled Kupuna and Keiki. This is made possible through its partnership with the Hawaii Food bank and other generous donors.  Jerry Romana of the Windward Auto Group and Violet Nacapoy of Giving Hope Hawaii spoke about the partnership and how they are helping.

“Right now, we are serving our kupuna who live independently by providing care packages including dry goods, frozen food, fresh produce, toiletries, and much more. Our volunteers and i personally go to foodbanks and farmers markets to collect food donations, pack and prepare them individually, and distribute them to our community. We also have plans to expand and reach special needs children and their families.”

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