On today’s show, Get2Insurance Managing Director Martha Khlopin joined John Veneri to talk about the importance of Social Security Cards and how to replace them if you lose it.

“Everyone needs a social security card. Social Security touches everyone’s lives. You or a family member are paying into the system or receiving income from the system. To apply for insurance, mortgages, credit cards, verification to get a job, etc. There is so much fraud today that some companies and government agencies and all employers that pay social security taxes require your social security card as part of the ID process and often require it before you start the job.  The quickest way to replace a lost card is to set up a my social security account online and answer a few questions and your card is mailed to you. As part of the verification process you may need to have a drivers license or answer credit questions. Most people have access to a family member or trusted friend to help them set up an account and take advantage of the technology to save time and conveniently access important information. You can set up your account on the website www.ssa.gov .”

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