John Veneri sat down with Martha Khlopin, the Managing Director of, to discuss the importance of health insurance for gig workers and how Get2Insurance can help them find affordable coverage.

Gig work, as Martha explained, is temporary or freelance work performed by an independent contractor on an informal or on-demand basis. Some popular gig jobs include driving for Uber or Lyft, delivering food through Uber Eats or Grubhub, providing graphic design services on Fiverr, and walking dogs through Rover. Gig workers enjoy the flexibility it provides, as they can be their own boss, make their own hours, and avoid long-term commitments and office hours.

However, gig workers often face health issues such as poor sleep, headaches, back pain, stomach issues, and a higher risk of auto accidents. As most of them are self-employed, they usually don’t have health insurance coverage. That’s where Get2Insurance comes in.

It’s essential for gig workers to have health insurance, not only for their well-being but also for financial protection. Unforeseen health issues can lead to hefty medical bills, which can cause financial strain for those without coverage.

Get2Insurance helps gig workers find affordable health insurance options on the marketplace. In Hawaii, HMSA and Kaiser Permanente are available options for individuals and families, while Medicare-eligible gig workers due to age or disability may also have special enrollment periods.

To get started with Get2Insurance, text “getinsurance” to 36260 or visit their website at Their team members, designated as “Local Help,” can assist gig workers in navigating the online enrollment process for marketplace plans. Additionally, Get2Insurance offers an app to make the process even more convenient for gig workers.

Affordable insurance options are determined based on an estimate of the current year’s income, age, zip code, and household size. Health insurance is crucial for gig workers, as it helps handle potential risks they may face on the job, such as tripping over water hoses, animal bites, accidents due to increased driving, and physical therapy for aches and pains resulting from being on their feet more often.

For more information, follow Get2Insurance on Instagram (@Get2Insurance) and YouTube (@get2insurancefamilyoffice827), and check out the Medicare Hearts Society on Instagram (@medicareheartssociety) and YouTube (@medicareheartssociety). You can also call Martha Khlopin directly at 808-230-3379.

To watch the full interview with Martha Khlopin and learn more about the importance of health insurance for gig workers and the solutions offered by Get2Insurance, check out the video right here on this post. Don’t let the lack of health insurance hold you back from enjoying the benefits of gig work; explore the options provided by Get2Insurance to find the coverage that’s right for you.