Honolulu (KHON2) – Sarah McFarland, the Hawaii author behind the empowering book “Get Up Girl,” shares her journey of triumph over adversity and the profound connection between purpose and identity. She joined us on Living808 to talk about her new book!

“Get Up Girl” is a story of resilience. It chronicles Sarah McFarland’s journey of repeatedly rising after being knocked down by life’s challenges. The book emphasizes the importance of self-discovery, finding one’s voice, and breaking free from victimhood. Sarah shared her personal experience of uncovering her purpose and how it became intertwined with her identity.

Sarah’s motivation to pen this book was to connect with and inspire women facing similar trials. She wanted to reassure them that it’s perfectly normal to contemplate giving up or feel voiceless at times. Life’s setbacks are inevitable, but what truly matters is the strength to rebound. By sharing her struggles, Sarah empowers women to muster the courage needed to conquer their obstacles, promoting the idea that together, we become stronger.

Sarah’s journey underscores the theme of perseverance. Regardless of how many times she stumbled, she chose to rise again. She believes that determination can outweigh natural talent, making relentless effort the key to success. Her story exemplifies the significance of unwavering commitment in the face of adversity. She passionately emphasizes the significance of self-awareness and understanding one’s identity. Without this self-knowledge, external forces can define us. Discovering one’s identity involves more than labels; it’s a journey toward understanding one’s purpose—the “why” behind our actions. She illustrates how purpose and identity are interconnected, with her purpose becoming an integral part of her being.

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