Gentle Vets: Things you need to know about puppies


In our Animal Kingdom segment, Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai talks about puppies.

They are a big commitment and a lot of work. 

Whether you’re new to puppy parenthood or just need a refresher course, we have some helpful tips to get your new best friend on track.

1) Where’s the best place to get puppies?

The best source is someone who has a dog in the family and has bred it. You can pick your puppy’s behavior when you pick a particular type of breed.

2) What should you watch for?

Behavior is critical. You don’t want an aggressive dog. Large dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, which can lead to a costly problem in the future.

3) What should you do once you get a puppy? 

Make sure your puppy is trained and socialized through puppy kindergarten. They need to learn how to behave around other dogs and people. 

You can also discuss other important issues, such as vaccines, parasite control, and medical care with your veterinarian.


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