Free workshops will help you access Social Security’s online services


A trip to the Social Security Administration office can be an all-day affair.

“Downtown, just to go and find parking is a problem to me,” said Edward Yonemoto, an instructor at Honolulu Community College’s Emeritus College.

But the agency, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary, is doing its part to make things easier.

Everything you need to know is available on a user-friendly website, which is great news for the 251,000 Hawaii residents who are receiving Social Security benefits.

“It’s right there at your fingertips,” explained Jane Yamamoto-Burigsay, Social Security Administration public affairs specialist.

“With the ongoing computer technology, this is the fastest way to go on and it’s easy to go on and get the information. They ask us very simple questions,” said Marion Yuen, an instructor at Honolulu Community College’s Emeritus College.

To better serve you, the agency is offering two workshops this month at the Emeritus College.

“People should really take advantage of it because it’s so much easier to use and set up and we have the facility here,” Yonemoto said. “Even with no experience we can go and walk you through and have you create your account.”

Maile Duvauchelle, 90, breezed through the directions in minutes. “To have this information at your fingertips at home or at your children’s home or whatever, that would be very helpful,” she said.

The website makes it easy to create an online account, access your information and get estimates of future benefits.

“They can actually change their bank account, change their address, print out what’s called a benefit verification letter,” said Yamamoto-Burigsay.

“It is user-friendly and with today’s tech, you save time, you save energy and you have time to play after that,” Yuen said.

Social Security workshops will be held July 20, 2:30-4 p.m., and July 23, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Emeritus College, 874 Dillingham Boulevard, Building 2, Room 409.Click here to register online.

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