Foodland named ‘Best Place to buy Poke’ by Honolulu Magazine


Congratulations to Foodland for being named ‘Best Place to buy Poke’ in Honolulu Magazine.

According to Foodland’s Corporate Chef Keoni Chang, poke has always been popular in Hawaii, but now it’s taking off on the mainland.

“There is a strong interest in poke from Hawaii, where it all began.  Poke is something that is always exciting, because there are so many different kinds of poke that are always being created,” says Chang. 

Chang says they come up with their recipes by looking at food and ingredient combinations that are trending – that people like.    

“For example, our inspiration for California Roll poke is from the California Roll Sushi, and we created a poke with Sriracha when this spicy ingredient became popular,” says Chang.  

Foodland encourages their seafood managers to create their own recipes based on what they think their customers will like, this has resulted in some interesting – and delicious– creations!  

“Our seafood team members take a lot of pride in the poke they make, and know they are making it for their family and friends, so they want it to be great,” says Chang.   

The California Roll poke is one of their most popular poke.  

Chef Chang shows Trini how they make it and teaches her how to make their  Ahi Jalapeno Ponzu Poke.


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