Up and Coming Business “Shaka Breadz” and Their Success Amid the Pandemic


Honolulu (KHON2) – Shaka Breadz brings the fun to the dinner table with a new “twist” on food, with Island favorite snacks and deserts. 

Shaka Breadz is a locally owned food business, who found success amid the covid-19 pandemic. Known for their creative and fun designs, Shaka Breadz does not shy away from the amazing flavor you’ll taste.

“Shaka Breadz is bread that’s twisted into the shape of a shaka. I used to work for Maui Brewing Company where we used to make the bread in the form of a pretzel. That’s where the idea came from,” says Carolyn Ronzio, owner of Shaka Breadz. 

Since the first shutdown, Shaka Breadz has expanded their menu from breads to dessert, satisfying their customers all over the Island.

Ronzio says, “Ever since covid hit, we had a lot of inquiries online, so much so that it just took off.” “There’s shakas and there’s rolls, they both come with a dipping sauce. Then, I have my crunches, it started off with a poi flavor and now, my newest flavor is my peanut butter chocolate dream crunch,” adds Ronzio

To arrange a pickup from Shaka Breadz, you can do so by direct messaging them on Instagram.

Instagram: @Shaka_Breadz

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