Make Your Own Chocolate Bar at Madre Chocolate


Madre Chocolate’s quest to make truly amazing chocolate is driven by a passion to inspire greater appreciation among consumers for the rich cultural heritage and ecological diversity surrounding cacao. They have created a selection of organic, fair trade chocolate bars to connect chocolate-eaters directly to the source, and in doing so, contribute to the well-being of cacao farmers and their communities.

Their chocolate is carefully made bean-to-bar in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii from lightly processed cacao that preserves many healthy antioxidants while still providing a rich, deep flavor you can enjoy while feeling good. In most other chocolate, fermenting and roasting the cacao destroys many of the antioxidants.

They also use many high-antioxidant fruit and spice flavors that are traditional ingredients of the Aztec, Maya, and Olmec tribes that invented chocolate, to both preserve their cultural heritage and give you that original taste.

John, Tannya and Mikey checked out one of their popular chocolate making classes that’s open to the public.

For a complete listing of all their chocolate-related events go to

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