Honolulu (KHON2) – Community supported fishery, Local I’a has been supporting local fisherman for years, buying and distributing fish across the state. 

Local I’a Fishery is taking the term “grown not flown” to the next level by supporting local fishermen through the process of purchasing and distributing fish to individuals and food establishments. 

“We are a distribution and subscription based seafood business. We source local, in-season seafood that is caught through pono fishing practices and distributed directly to chefs and consumers,” says Ashely Watts owner or Local I’a 

With a strong mission to support Hawaiian fisherman, Local I’a is dedicated to providing fresh seafood that is caught in the wild, rather than grown in a farm.

Watts says, “The seafood that we provide only comes directly from the fishers, so you can be sure that your seafood is fresh and caught locally. We source from those who fish in a pono way, meaning they abide by the State regulations, seasonality of species, and fish using a sustainable method. Our fishermen work hard, and we need to support them anyway we can.”

In addition to buying fish from fisherman, Local I’a provides subscriptions to consumers and businesses making the process of receiving fish food to buyers simple. 

“Our seafood is picked up from our fishers and delivered fresh. We provide you with the highest quality and best tasting seafood. We are in multiple retailers, and farmer markets Island wide, as well as offer seafood subscription packages. It’s an easy process, we encourage anyone to check out our website to learn more about our packages,” says Watts. 

Consumers and establishments can not only buy fish from Local I’a but learn how to properly prepare and cook the fish as well.

Watts says, “We offer a demo dinner series every 3rd Monday of the month. The goal is to learn how easy it can be to enjoy all local meals and cook a variety of local ingredients.”

Participants can sign up online at Local I’a to learn more about their cooking demonstrations and more. 

Website: http://localiahawaii.com/

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